From Mentor to Big Brother

For the first time, we have two testimonies written by both the mentor and the mentee in Spanish. Their journey through life teaches us the importance of friendship, goals, and hard work. Testimonio Jesús Cruz (estudiante en Panamá) Al momento de entrar a Mentoring... read more

Lessons to achieve success in your career

This year Mentoring International connected 58 youth in El Salvador with 58 young professionals living around the world who motivated and guided them to pursue higher education and prepare them to access jobs. At the closing ceremony of our English Program, mentor... read more

I Promised NOT to let Myself Fall

Valeria Pacheco, a mentee, shares with us her inspiring story in which against all odds, she succeeds in her endeavours. My name is Valeria Pacheco, I am twenty years old and four years ago, I promised NOT to let myself fall, no matter the situation I could be in.... read more

Spring Launch

Spring is the epitome of new beginnings and with new beginnings come new challenges and opportunities. On April 6th, Mentoring International launched their first program of the year, in which mentors and mentees were given a brief introduction as to what is to come in... read more

Inspiration Thief

An inspiration thief-odd word choice to say the least, but for our mentor Carlos M, mentoring has been so much more than an interaction. It has made him, in his words, an “inspiration thief.” It’s been a bit over five years now since I had the privilege to... read more

The Power of Mentoring Youth at Risk

On February 23, 2017, the Staff Association of the Inter-American Development Bank hosted a Table Talk in collaboration with Mentoring International. The power of mentoring youth at risk was evidenced in the testimonies of experts, mentors, as well as mentees. In El... read more

A Time for Planning… A Time for Action!

Maria Jose Benitez Chavez, a young Salvadoran professional who works with youth, gives us some insights as to how to build a peaceful and a more inclusive society by sharing with us attainable goals for this new year. As we start a new year, we also start writing new... read more

Do You Have a Vision?

As she shares her experience, Ana Gloria Angel highlights the importance of having a vision and a mission, two key factors needed in order to achieve any goal. Since I was little, my father, who I admire, taught me to dream and to choose what I wanted to be when I... read more

Giving Back Through Mentorship

Paola Bichara, one of our mentors, shares with us the importance of mentoring as well as the enriching experience she has had.  Having a mentor at school, in the community or even in the less traditional avenue such as a cyber-platform, can be very helpful to... read more

How Has Mentoring International Changed My Life?

Another one of our mentees, Isis, shares with us her life-changing experience with Mentoring International.  Nowadays it is hard for teenagers to choose a career. Their parents or perhaps their friends influence most of them. For me it was hard to choose my career... read more

Building a New Youth

We start the year with a high note alongside our mentees, who have successfully written their testimonials about the program. Here we share the thoughts of Diego Ochoa, a student from El Salvador.  Young people are the new creators of a more modern world, which... read more

Inspirational Testimony for Students in Panama

Gerardo Arias, a member of our Mentoring International team in Panama, shares with us the memorable event of the closing ceremony, as well as an inspiring true story by one of our guest speakers. On the morning of December 5th we closed our school year with the... read more

So long 2015!

2015 has been nothing but eventful in every sense of the word, and for our Mentoring International team it has been another year of success and satisfaction for giving back to the community. The hard work has paid off since our mentees have been improving their... read more

Experiencing it First-Hand

During our last blogs we have talked about the positive impact of mentoring yet we have not seen the perspective of the mentee. In here, Enner, a Salvadoran student shares with us his inspiring story. Before 2011, the first thing that came to my mind when reading the... read more

Looking Back

 Five years ago, a group of young Salvadoran professionals living abroad decided to start giving back to their country and they chose education as a way to do this. The Mentoring International Program was then created and since then it has impacted hundreds of lives... read more

An Unexpected Experience

Unaware of what to expect, Khatijah, a university student, set off into a journey to the little country of El Salvador. She  decided to visit and see for herself  while researching on youth, how the Supérate Center works . Here she tells us her unforgettable enriching... read more

A Journey Begins With A Single Step

To think that there are 7 billion people living in this planet is mind blowing, and to think that each one has a story is mesmerizing. They say that every person we meet is put in our path to help us, whether by teaching us a lesson or by influencing us. Our story... read more

It's Time to Spring Forward!

It is time to spring forward! March is the time of regrowth and rebirth, in terms of the seasons. It can also be applied to us, since it marked the start for our “mentoring year” with our orientation sessions. Whether it was on March 7th, March 14th or 21st, mentors... read more

So 2014 has been good to us…

As human beings it is in our nature to grow and change, but it is in ourselves if we let external circumstances alter us for better or for worse. As another year has come to an end, there is always that feeling of accomplishment or sometimes emptiness. Was it a... read more

To begin with…

With our early morning coffee, we open our newspaper. The headlines read: “5 dead and 3 survivors.” Its seven a.m. and it is way too early to be reading gruesome news. Some read about the event, others live in its reality every day. Vulnerable youth in Latin America... read more