Mentoring International works with young professionals from all over the world who with much enthusiasm want to contribute to the development of high school students in Latin America and the Caribbean. Through Alexandra Sol’s experience who was a 2014 mentor, we see how we shouldn’t wait any longer and join Mentoring International.

1. It’s a direct link to Latin America

As soon as my friend said “hey, it’s a way to stay connected to El Salvador” I bought into the idea of becoming a mentor and signed up. Mentoring International is the perfect program that’ll keep you as close to Latin America as virtual reality gets. Plus, it is convenient for the 9:00 to 5:00 (cough, more like 24/7) working crew, like me, who lives abroad and wants to stay involved in social work and can barely find time to wash the dishes.

2. You pitch in for a stronger, healthier community

It’s no nuisance that by guiding someone towards achieving bigger and better goals makes them influential citizens. As a mentor to young Salvadorian and Panamanian teens you strengthen their english skills, you help them grasp the immense possibilities they can embark with higher education and, most importantly, you contribute to their path as agents of change for our country and the region.

3. You get to share really interesting information with a Teen

I send her excerpts from “The Giver,” and she sends back emails with information on Robotics [insert emojis here.] Don’t get me wrong, Lois Lowry is still my favorite, but millennials and their scientific gimmicks got the grip! It’s fascinating all the new things you’ll learn. No joke, even things from my own country that I had no idea existed, like the fact that Sensuntepeque is home to the biggest salt rug exhibit in Easter? Did you know that?

4. You become part of a family who’s bound for greatness

Let me tell you, these teens are s-m-a-r-t, but even more than that, they have grit. And grit is the key ingredient in the recipe of success! I had the privilege of visiting them last summer and you can tell that they are unto something. Mentoring (aka you) guides them to discover their passion in life, and they are determined to pursuit it. These teens are so full of energy, that a light nudge goes a long way!

5. You’re surrounded by DREAMERS!

This is my favorite one… Dreamers. You will be part of a magical world filled with countless ideas. These teens plot their lives and how they’re gonna make it happen and you get to be a part of that. You add to their dreams, you contribute with your experience on how they can achieve them, and you make a change; with the result of making a positive impact in their country and our region! Being part of Mentoring International is life changing. Go for it, I’m telling you, there’ll be no regrets!