To think that there are 7 billion people living in this planet is mind blowing, and to think that each one has a story is mesmerizing. They say that every person we meet is put in our path to help us, whether by teaching us a lesson or by influencing us.

Our story begins with Rocio who resides in the United States. On the other hand, Yovani comes from a town called Samaria in the Central American country of Panama. Little did they know that their paths would eventually cross. Rocio was assigned through Mentoring International a young dreamer named Yovani.

Yovani has been successful throughout the years in school, proving that if somebody wants it bad enough, then the way to get it is by working hard. They began to talk about hopes and dreams and through the course of their mentoring relationship, they found out several similarities about them. They were fascinated with different cultures other than their own and they were determined to go to other places in order to learn more about the world.

Rocio had previously done it since she moved from Mexico to Canada to study and work but for some reason, her life took a different turn and she began to live in the United States. With a growing desire to work overseas, she one day decided to seek work outside her country, carrying only a suitcase and a resume with work experience, education, and specially her desire to grow and learn every day. Traveling to a whole different country where she hadn’t lived before and without any friends required some courage. With her head held high she faced adversity but eventually found what she had longed, a sense of accomplishment.

Like Rocio, Yovani has set his mind to travel. Yovani’s dream is to go to London and explore the world and he has the best weapons by his side that is his drive and the knowledge of a second language.

He has come far and there is no doubt that he will go even further. His hunger for knowledge can only bring good. Yovani has inspired us all to work for what we want and there is no doubt that he will conquer whatever he sets his mind to. Yovani’s adventure is about to begin with a well-deserved scholarship to go to study in the United States. It is an important step forward towards his dream that is London.

To know a little bit more about their experience, don’t hesitate and click here for their short video.