We start the year with a high note alongside our mentees, who have successfully written their testimonials about the program. Here we share the thoughts of Diego Ochoa, a student from El Salvador. 

Young people are the new creators of a more modern world, which evolves more and more as time passes by. They are the new thinkers of the 21st century, the new generation who will lead the world to a radical change, by using the technology in order to create a world where human activities become easier…

However, many young people do not have the necessary support needed to be able to develop their skills in a better way, but there are many institutions that are responsible for gradually reducing the problem. One of those institutions is the program Mentoring International.

Mentoring International is a program that has worked with young people from the different ¡Supérate! Centers.The program is designed in a way in which each student is assigned a mentor who will guide them in the process of choosing a college career, as well as the goals that they have.  Plus, it serves as a good opportunity to improve writing skills and enhance their vocabulary in order to get more knowledge. My own experience in the Mentoring program has been great, because my mentor has helped me overcome difficult issues. Also, she has shared with me some tips in order to improve my English fluency and get more vocabulary.

In addition to learning more vocabulary, it is a good way to see the world and its different places from your home because they are people who work in different places and countries and share their photos with us and share how the culture in other country is. They provide you with information to make you think about different topics.

El Salvador needs more programs like Mentoring International in order to prepare young people; the country needs more open minded persons that can contribute with the young Salvadoran people.