During our last blogs we have talked about the positive impact of mentoring yet we have not seen the perspective of the mentee. In here, Enner, a Salvadoran student shares with us his inspiring story.

Before 2011, the first thing that came to my mind when reading the word “mentor” was the Mentor Encyclopedia, a book that I used as a reference for homework in elementary school. In 2011, Mentoring International Program allowed me to give a different meaning to a mentor. This great project paired me, a Salvadoran student, with Marc Backhaus, a German businessman. We were in touch for a year and we had the chance to share our cultures, talk about my plans after graduating from high school, and practice a different language, since our communication was in English. Mentoring International and Marc helped me to determine my goals for college.

Nowadays I am majoring in Economics and Business at Escuela Superior de Economía y Negocios (ESEN), one of the most prestigious colleges in Central America. Also, one of my dreams was to study abroad, and it came true when in fall 2013 I was the scholarship recipient of Global Undergraduate Scholarship Program (UGRAD), sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in El Salvador, my home country, and World Learning. Hence, I went to Illinois State University for one semester and participated in an academic and cultural exchange program which helped me develop my leadership skills through community service.

Back in El Salvador, during 2015, I have coordinated the Elder Sibling Program. It is an initiative promoted by one of ESEN’s student’s associations. It pairs a freshman student with a sophomore or older one, so students from superior years can coach and support new students so they can get used to campus life, academic rules, and even to a different city when they come from far-away towns. I am really passionate about this project because I can share what Mentoring International did for me. Results have been very rewarding and we hope to expand our impact for the 2016 school year.

Currently, I am in the Honor Roll of my class, have a different perspective of life, plus I continue my studies thanks to different scholarships. All these goals have been accomplished through the mentoring of my mom, Professors, Deans, and Administrative personnel from ESEN.

Having a mentor makes a significant positive effect in the academic, attitudinal, and life plan of a person. In order to mentor someone it is very important to have, more than anything else, will and time to share advices about ups and downs that life can have. If you want to be someone’s mentor, you do not necessary must be part of a program. There surely is a person that needs your coaching and motivation. So look around you and make a difference in a person’s life…that will be highly appreciated and very rewarding. How many people have you already urged to envision their future and take action to do so?