Paola Bichara, one of our mentors, shares with us the importance of mentoring as well as the enriching experience she has had. 

Having a mentor at school, in the community or even in the less traditional avenue such as a cyber-platform, can be very helpful to teenagers to become more resilient and to thrive.

I have been a mentor since 2012. My extremely intelligent mentees are from El Salvador. This country where youth has often been “the problem” or is involved “in problems”, need some guidance and be inspired in order to have more opportunities to succeed. Certainly, support from a person who believes in them could make a huge impact in their lives, despite all those daily threats to their security and well-being.

It ‘s hard to determine the number of gang members in El Salvador, however, it is no secret that organized crime is actively recruiting youth and children.

Why do I do it? There is nothing more magical than the mind of a young person. I love to be surprised by new ideas, their ideas!

I do not tell them what to do, of course, but I encourage them in their aspirations, and, most importantly, I show them how much I believe in them.

There are two reasons why a person would like to be a mentor, in my opinion:

  1.    Because you have been guided by mentors who had changed your life, or
  2.    You always needed a mentor while growing up, and you recognize the value of having one.

Providing time to youth is mutually beneficial for you and your mentee. Undoubtedly, it is a powerful and meaningful way of giving back to the community and our collective future, which can also keep you grounded.

Luckily, Mentoring International gives us the opportunity, the chance to be the change we want to see in the world. What are you waiting for?