Another one of our mentees, Isis, shares with us her life-changing experience with Mentoring International. 

Nowadays it is hard for teenagers to choose a career. Their parents or perhaps their friends influence most of them. For me it was hard to choose my career because I was not sure about my interests, my skills and what I wanted to do in the future, but my mentor helped me a lot with this decision. Not everyone has the huge opportunity to have one.

Having a mentor has become very important in my life, because I am learning a lot of things, for instance, now I know that to get a good job I am required to have a very good level of English. My mentor has helped me by correcting my mistakes when I write something wrong, she gives me some advices and also teaches me new words every time she writes to me.

It feels good when someone you do not know, or you have never seen in your life, comes and says ‘YOU CAN DO IT’. Also, when someone cares for what you do and congratulates you when you achieve something. It makes you feel good about yourself and makes you think that you are really doing an excellent job. My mentor does this every time she writes to me and I feel very proud of myself.

Mentoring International has changed my life, and I am very grateful for this huge opportunity. I know that not everyone can have the opportunity that I have, thus I am going to take advantage of it. I have had a lot of opportunities but Mentoring International has been by far the most important. I would like to thank all the mentors from the program because I know that they are all busy professionals and they travel around the world, but they make a space in their busy lives to answer our messages and that is incredible.