It is time to spring forward! March is the time of regrowth and rebirth, in terms of the seasons. It can also be applied to us, since it marked the start for our “mentoring year” with our orientation sessions. Whether it was on March 7th, March 14th or 21st, mentors and students alike took their first step of this learning journey.

The end goal is always to help the student reach its potential that is with the guiding principal that education is key. With motivation and support, we hope all our continuing and new students will enroll in higher education institutions and their English levels will be improved. Mentors and students received training where the importance of our values was stressed. Through commitment, respect, and empathy, the relationship between the mentor and the mentee will surely flourish.

This year we are happy to have a total of 150 participants in Panama and El Salvador. Half of the participants are high performers and very motivated high-school students. Our 75 mentors are young professionals working in the private, public and NGO sectors from The Bahamas, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany, Korea, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Spain, Suriname, Switzerland, United States, and Venezuela.

Throughout the orientation sessions, mentors and students were introduced into the program and were shown the new online platform to communicate with each other through a period of at least nine months. Through this online platform mentors and students will also be able to chat in real time and share their views with all participants in a group forum.

The most important thing is after all, establishing a connection. The program aims to help both mentors and mentees alike since they both absorb and learn from the interactions. A key element is to be creative and resourceful to make mentoring an enriching experience.