As human beings it is in our nature to grow and change, but it is in ourselves if we let external circumstances alter us for better or for worse. As another year has come to an end, there is always that feeling of accomplishment or sometimes emptiness. Was it a productive year or a year we can’t wait to be over? One thing is certain though the year has changed us.

For Mentoring International, it has been a fantastic year. To begin with, Panama has opened its doors for us, and now its youth can have the opportunity to change their future or at least change their view of their future with the help from our team of mentors. We also received the 2014 IDB Solidarity Award, which was accepted by Gerardo Arias, a member of our team who was essential in the successful establishment of the Panama program. We were also selected to present our working model at the 2014 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit held last October in Washington D.C.

To close the year with a happy note, we conducted two closing ceremonies in which the tangible atmosphere was hope and accomplishment. Through mentors and mentees testimonies we were able to see how the program is being a positive influence in a child’s life. With our guest speakers, students were encouraged to achieve their dreams and desires as well as considering becoming entrepreneurs in the future. Success is a synonym for hard work, dedication, and passion, traits that are seen in our mentees.

2015 will be a year of changes and the ability to adapt and change is what keeps us afloat. With the help and commitment from our mentors and mentees, we have no doubt that this year will be the best one yet. El Salvador and Panama have so much potential in their youth and we have no doubt that with our Program’s support our children will become the professionals they are meant to be.