2015 has been nothing but eventful in every sense of the word, and for our Mentoring International team it has been another year of success and satisfaction for giving back to the community. The hard work has paid off since our mentees have been improving their English language skills and they are motivated to keep studying and achieve their dreams. Another year has quickly gone by and our 2015 closing ceremony in El Salvador on November 21st was full of surprises and anecdotes. With our distinguished guest speaker plus the presence of mentors and mentees, the online ceremony proved to be a wonderful conclusion to the academic year.

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The event started with mentees sharing their experiences with the program, along with their respective mentors who also shared their thoughts about the mentoring process. Francisco, a mentee, stated that having a mentor gave him the opportunity to “have a new family member.” The bond and the interaction between him and his mentor have helped him gain “all of the skills for speaking and writing in English.” Not only is that the goal of the program but it also evidences how one can help another immensely by just guiding and sharing experiences and knowledge.


On the other hand, Victoria, Francisco’s mentor, shared how mentoring has helped her find a very specific and tangible way of giving back, specially being originally from El Salvador but living so far away. Among her inspiring words she stated that “violence is not the essence of El Salvador, not the essence of Salvadorans,” which was proved with the example of all the hard working students who are fighting everyday in order to keep studying and bettering themselves.


Our guests speaker this year was Yadira Soto, Advisor to the Executive Office of the Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) in the United States, who emphasized the importance of education and how mentors and supervisors were the backbones of her success.


At the closing of this event, mentees from Centro Superaté Hilasal shared a video they have created to thank their mentors. Overall the closing ceremony was a success, which makes us dare say: so long 2015!